(A) Creating A New Scholarship
     (Restricted/Designated Fund by You):

In creating a scholarship, you invest in your community’s future and show students that you care. 

The Viroqua Area Foundation provides the expertise to help you meet your personal goals and award scholarships to deserving students.  Your gift will assist students achieve their lifetime dreams.


  • Minimum of $10,000
  • Within the parameters of a 501(c)(3)

How It Works:

  1. You make a gift to the Viroqua Area Foundation-you can give cash, appreciated stocks, real estate or other assets.
  2. We set up a scholarship in your name, in the name of your family, organization or business. The scholarship can also be named in honor of or in memory of a person of your choice.
  3. You receive tax benefits in the year your gift is made.
  4. We assist you in setting up your scholarship fund by discussing eligibility requirements for the scholarship that you establish-whether they are based on a student’s field of study, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, financial need or background.
  5. Scholarships are awarded to deserving students in the name of the fund you establish.
  6. Your gift will be placed into an endowment that is invested over time.  Earnings from your fund are used to award scholarships each year.  Your gift (remove -) and all future gifts and earnings (remove from your gift-) will assist in providing educational opportunities (remove work in your community) forever.


You can create a scholarship as a memorial to someone special, selecting eligibility criteria that exemplify that person’s goals and values, or you may use it to express your educational values-or those of your family or business.  Depending on your preferences, the scholarship you establish can support any area of academic need, including tuition, room and board, technology and books.

(B) Giving To an Existing Scholarship Fund  
     (Restricted/Designated by Donor):

The following are examples of existing scholarship funds facilitated by the Viroqua Area Foundation:

How to give and how to apply for the scholarships listed below:
We are happy to answer any questions and make this an easy process in supporting your charitable giving or applying for an existing scholarship.
Contact us here:
Angie Lawrence
Tel: (608) 778-7199
Email: info@viroquaareafoundation.org

Ben Oliver Memorial Scholarship Fund (De Soto)

  • The Oliver Family created this scholarship in memory of their son Ben.  Ben was an amazing young man that was kind, driven, smart, athletic and a wonderful son and friend.  He is missed by his family, friends and community each day.  This scholarship is given because of the love that the Oliver Family have for their son and the place that Ben will always be in their hearts.  He was a very special person and he is loved and missed.

Bobst-Sallander Scholarship Fund (De Soto)

  • The designated purpose of this Fund is to establish a perpetual scholarship fund in memory of Bobst-Sallander.  This scholarship is given to a student graduating from the De Soto School District.  

Dr. DeVerne & Betty Vig Music Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The Vig Family established this scholarship because of their love of music.  The entire family has had success in the area of music and this scholarship is to promote the love of music for future generations. The recipient of this scholarship will participate in the VHS music programs such as band, chorus and orchestra.  Preference will be given to students that participated for several years in the above mentioned programs.  The recipient will attend a 4-year accredited university or college for a music degree in voice, orchestra, band, or music education. If there is not a student entering the music field of Education.

Dr. Robert & Janet Starr Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The Starr Family established this scholarship because of their passion for medicine and the area of science.  This  scholarship will be awarded to a student that is interested in entering the medical field.  These fields include Medicine, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Medical Technology, Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy.

    Robert and Janet have enjoyed and cherished the privilege of living, working and raising their family in Viroqua.  Creating a scholarship is a way of investing in the future and showing how much the Starr Family cares about the community of Viroqua.  The Viroqua Area Foundation has assisted the Starr’s in creating their scholarship fund.  This is a way that Robert and Janet are giving back and saying, “Thank You,” to their beloved community. 

Edwin G. Sievers Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • Edwin G. Sievers served as Principal of Viroqua Senior High School from 1961-1979. He was passionate about this role and believed that every student had value and purpose. Early in each school year, he rode all of the bus routes with the sudents so he could learn more about them and their families. He took pride in his staff, proudly displaying their college pennants in his office. Friendly and calm in disposition, he wore a smile easily, and he could whistle any tune he heard. He loved high school sports and served on an advisory committee for the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association for many years. He also followed small college/ university sports and was a frequent summer baseball umpire in his younger days. In addition, he was an active community member and he was easy to spot selling chicken at the county fair every year with the Kiwanis Club. Each year, he made house calls dressed as Santa on Christmas Eve to the homes of several students with special needs. He was a 1947 graduate of Whitewater State Teachers College (now UW Whitewater). His education was interupted while he served in the U.S. Army from 1942-1945.

Fred & Elizabeth Nelson Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The Nelson Family established this scholarship because of the success of their business in Viroqua.  The Nelson Agri-Center grew over the years that Fred owned the business and he respected and appreciated the support of the Viroqua Community and all of his employees.  Fred and Liz always put Viroqua first.  They were instrumental in Viroqua becoming a Main Street Community. Their generosity to the Viroqua Area has been one of the reasons that Viroqua is the community that it is today. The scholarship is awarded to graduates that are employed by Nelson Mill & Agri-Center or who are the son, daughter or grandchild of an employee shall have first preference.

Genevieve Stevenson Memorial Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • Genevieve Stevenson was born and raised in Viroqua.  She graduated from Viroqua High School in 1930.  Ms. Stevenson served on the Viroqua School Board from 1953 to 1957.  This scholarship was created to pay tribute to Ms. Stevenson's service to the Viroqua School District along with recognizing the contributions ALL school board members have made in making the Viroqua School District the excellent school district it is today.  The scholarship will be awarded to a Viroqua High School Student considering the following:
    - Financial Need
    - GPA (With consideration given for the number and types of classes taken)
    - Good Citizenship
    - Community Involvement (Including activities outside of school)
    - Extracurricular Activity Involvement

George & Mildred Nettum Agriculture & Water and Conservation Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The Nettum Family established this scholarship in loving memory of their parents that were leaders in the area of agriculture in Vernon County. George and Mildred worked to develop and progress our area in agriculture and soil conservation so that our future leaders in agriculture would have the opportunities that they have today.  Without their guidance we would not live in the beautiful, bountiful and clean farming area that we live in today.  The scholarship will be awarded to a student graduating from VHS and are furthering their education in the area of agriculture and/or soil and water conservation.

Helen (Marsh) & Roland Felix Scholarship Fund

  • Helen Felix and her family established this scholarship because of Helen’s desire to go into medicine during a time that women were not given this opportunity.  This scholarship is awarded to a female, graduating from an accredited public high school located in Vernon County and completed a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university presently enrolled in a medical/science field of study that requires certification beyond a Bachelor’s Degree.

Jack Vig Memorial Business & Medical Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The Vig Family established this scholarship in memory of their loving husband and father.  He owned his own successful accounting firm in Viroqua that serviced the greater Wisconsin Area.  He was a loving and giving husband, father, friend and family member.  Jack is missed by everyone that lived, worked and came into contact with him.  This scholarship is awarded to a graduate from Viroqua that is going into the field of business or medicine and has completed his/her first three semesters of college with a 3.0 GPA.

James P. Bigley Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • James Bigley was a successful businessman in Vernon County.  He promoted future growth and expansion of the area and the desire to work hard and make great change.  He succeeded in all of his accomplishments and continues to give to Viroqua through this generous scholarship.  He wanted to give all graduates the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

John Patrick Cina Scholarship Fund (De Soto)

  • The John Patrick Cina Scholarship was established by the Cina Family in memory of the son they love and miss.  Pat was a remarkable person and friend.  He is missed each day by his family and the De Soto Community.  His values and life will be remembered through this scholarship and the kindness he displayed to everyone he met.

Judy A. Olson Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)
  • Judy Olson was a teacher at Viroqua Area Schools for 28 years. She strongly believed in the mantra, "Follow Your Dreams." Judy was a physical education and health teacher as well as a coach and athletic director. This scholarship is provided to a student entering a career in education, a health related field, or a student involved in athletics. To honor her memory, Judy's family donated memorials for this scholarship. Judy passed away from cancer on January 16, 2010.
Laurel A. Skrede Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)
  • The designated purpose of the Laurel Skrede Scholarship Fund is to establish a perpetual scholarship fund awarded to a student that will be attending college at The University of Platteville following graduation for VHS. Laurel graduated from The University of Platteville and wanted to make certain that future students attending Platteville receive financial assistance.

Leona Jackson Sillan Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The designated purpose of the Leona Jackson Fund is to establish a perpetual scholarship fund with the net income from said fund to be used to provide scholarships for post high school education. She valued education and wanted to make sure all students graduating from Viroqua had an opportunity to have future academic success. 

Maylon O. Christianson Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The designated purpose of this Fund is to establish a perpetual scholarship fund in memory of Maylon Christianson.  He valued education above all else and wanted to make sure that every student graduating from Viroqua had an opportunity to achieve a higher education. 

Myrna G. Gald Memorial Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • Myrna G. Gald was a 1952 graduate of Viroqua High School.  Upon retirement from her career in Madison, WI Myrna returned to her hometown in 1986.  This scholarship is awarded to a Viroqua High School student who has been active in drama and/or music during their time at VHS

Regina Lindemann Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The designated purpose of this Fund is to establish a perpetual scholarship fund in memory of Regina Lindemann.  She valued education above all else and wanted to make sure that every student graduating from Viroqua had an opportunity to achieve a higher education. 

Viroqua Area Foundation Scholarship Fund 

  • This scholarship fund was created by the VAF Board of Directors to place all memorial and in honor of contributions made by community members for education or scholarships that do not have a designated/restricted or undesignated/unrestricted fund established.

Wall of Excellence Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • A scholarship endowment fund established by Viroqua Teachers to create a fund within the Foundation to provide young people of Viroqua entering the field of education an opportunity for a scholarship.

Waylen & Milton Holtet Scholarship Fund (Viroqua)

  • The Wylen O. Holtet estate established scholarships to graduating seniors at the school districts surrounding their hometown of Cashton, Wisconsin.  Each year, four scholarships for post high school education will be provided to four students (two girls, two boys) in need of scholarship assistance each year.